Money S3

An economic system for your company

What is the economic system Money S3

It offers all the necessary modules – double-entry bookkeeping, simple accounting, address book, invoicing, warehouses, orders, payroll and a range of other add-ons, including homebanking, links to cash registers, online stores or other XML-based applications. It is mainly characterized by simple and easy operation in the Microsoft Windows environment.

It is intended for your company

The system is used by the widest range of customers. Among them you will find companies that deal with buying and selling, production or services. Our customers include wholesalers, engineering companies as well as small tradesmen and entrepreneurs. Our offer also includes variants of Money S3 for non-profit organizations and schools. All in a very good price / performance ratio, with a secured service network throughout the Slovak Republic and regular legislative and functional updates.

Advantages of the system

Money S3 offers ease and clarity control for economists, traders and managers. You can access any Money S3 function with a single mouse click in the clearly arranged “Active Desktop”. You get simple and efficient work with data, with their search, sorting, processing or printing.

You have a large number of common and above-standard functions at your disposal, which make your business easier at every step. And all this with minimal training and deployment requirements.

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Are you interested in the Money economic system?
Contact the product manager: Gyuricsek Attila