Qualified certificate

Qualified certificates are intended exclusively for the needs of creating and verifying guaranteed electronic signatures in accordance with the Electronic Signature Act. A valid guaranteed electronic signature verifiable on the basis of a qualified certificate issued by DTCA has the legal weight of a handwritten signature.

Using a qualified certificate

The validity of the qualified certificate is set for one year (365 days). After this period, it is automatically terminated and the certificate can no longer be used for the purposes for which it was issued. You will be notified by e-mail before the expiration of this period.

The guaranteed electronic signature should be used, for example:

  • for electronic business register services
  • for court submissions
  • filing tax returns
  • customs procedure
  • on commercial contracts

Personal commercial certificate

Personal commercial certificates are intended primarily for the purpose of creating and verifying electronic signatures and data encryption. These certificates are issued according to internationally valid standards and can therefore be used without any problems in any system that requires the use of certificates for various purposes. These certificates are the first choice if you want to secure your communication by e-mail, protect the confidentiality of your data or replace paper communication with your business partners or friends with electronic.

A personal commercial certificate can be issued for:

  • natural person,
  • employee,
  • self-employed person,
  • legal person.

The electronic signature should be used, for example:

  • for invoicing and other accounting documents
  • communication by e-mail

Product acquisition procedure

First, it is necessary to prepare the PC to work with certificates.

Next, you need to create a request

and save the resulting “cert.req” file to a flash drive or CD.

Certificate installation

Of course, there is also the possibility of a service technician leaving directly to you, in case of interest, just call the phone number: 035/777 777, resp. 0903 82 19 77 and agree on a date of the meeting.

Price list of services:

without VATwith
Qualified certificate
issuance of an initial or subsequent qualified certificate
19,90 €23,88 €
Commercial certificate
issuance of an initial or subsequent personal commercial certificate
15,90 €19,08 €
Server certificate
issuing an initial or subsequent certificate for the server
40,00 €48,00 €
Complete packages for a guaranteed electronic signature
ZEP – complete Starcos v.3 USB
It contains a qualified certificate and a USB token with a StarCos SPK 3.0 chip
65,00 €78,00 €
Electronic signature devices
Starcos SPK 3.0 chip card
A product certified by the NBU SR for the creation of a guaranteed electronic signature. The price also includes the current version of SecureStore control software.
30,00 €36,00 €
Chip card reader (miniLector-S EVO, SCR 335, 3310, 3320, or equivalent)
Small and compact, USB connection, ISO 7816 Class A, B contact smart card reader
18,00 €21,60 €
QSign 5 Premium
The application with the Personal Premium license is especially suitable for use in filings with the courts of the Slovak Republic, for electronic services of the Slovak Republic, electronic invoices, in business relations (concluding commercial contracts), etc.
The license is tied to one client personal computer and is NOT limited in time.
79 €94,80 €
QSign Reactivation
Extension of the QSign license to one additional personal computer.
19 €22,80 €
Time stampsby agreement
Postage and packing in case of sending the goods by post4,00 €4,80 €
Installation and configuration of electronic signature at the customer Komplet (Application creation, certificate installation, PC configuration for the central portal, financial administration, training)100,00 €120,00 €
Installation and configuration of electronic signature at the customer for Financial Administration30,00 €36,00 €
Create a certificate request10,00 €12,00 €
Commercial Certificate Configuration (Electronic Invoice Signing)20,00 €24,00 €
Exit of service technician (outside the town of Komárno)0,33 €/km0,40 €/km