What is COMFOR?

Czech – Slovak sales chain in the Czech Republic with 162 stores. COMFOR = specialized sales of computer, digital and projected technology, guaranteed above-standard services, exceptionally favorable prices and high-quality goods. The chain includes not only its own stores, but also authorized COMFOR Partners, who are very precisely and in detail selected by a demanding qualified mechanism. Their number is not essential, their qualification and determined professional approach to customers are essential. They are regularly trained directly by the manufacturers.

The offered COMFOR computers and notebooks are manufactured according to the most demanding ISO 9001 standard, each COMFOR computer or NTB passes 6 demanding step tests during production. The long-term failure rate is below 2%.

We believe that even the newly established COMFOR network in Slovakia will be of benefit to all who are looking for quality and affordable products with qualified specialized sales.

Your COMFOR sales team

3x FOR COMFOR computer

COMFOR computers (notebooks) are manufactured according to the strictest ISO 9001 standard. During production, each computer (notebook) undergoes 6 demanding tests, which verify each component separately, as well as the entire system and software in terms of reliability, required performance and compatibility. This guarantees the high reliability and quality of every COMFOR computer (notebook).


When designing computers, we follow the real needs and capabilities of each customer.

That’s why we develop kits that achieve maximum performance at a given price. COMFOR computers are made of mutually harmonized components for efficient use of all parameters.

Each set produced was preceded by hours of development and testing.


You can always buy COMFOR computers with the professional advice of an authorized dealer. COMFOR partners are selected by a demanding and qualified mechanism. Their number is not important, their qualification and professional approach to customers is important. All COMFOR stores are trained and authorized for professional and service interventions in all COMFOR computers. Each computer (notebook) is centrally registered and therefore it is easy to select suitable components for future expansion. Assistance will be provided by any authorized COMFOR partner.

Three steps to your satisfaction

Own production line

60 000 PCs per year

We are proud of our production. We produce more than 60,000 computers a year, of which more than 80% according to individual customer requirements. The production of a computer takes only one to three days, the production capacity is 350 computers for 1 work shift.

The quality of world brands

The categorical imperative of production is quality. The component base consists exclusively of products from reliable and established companies from all over the world. Each computer has an accompanying document – a production order with an exact list of components, inspection and work operations.

We test on 6 levels

Each computer is tested at six levels during production. Primary tests check the functionality of the computer, followed by a burn-in procedure. We will also test the installed drivers. After completing the accessories, documentation and issuing the warranty card, an final inspection follows.

The basis is in the people

We pay a lot of attention to the people who make our computers. These people are regularly trained and acquainted with the latest knowledge in the field. They are financially motivated for the highest quality of their work. They are satisfied with their work – the annual fluctuation reaches only a few percent.

Three steps to your satisfaction

1. PRODUCT: We make custom computers for you

  • we are able to manufacture and deliver exactly what you need – from a single laptop to a corporate computer network with dozens of stations and other devices
  • you can choose from a wide range of elements and combinations
  • every Comfor computer is original – built, tested and configured exactly to your requirements
  • all offered solutions have passed compatibility tests – their stability and functionality are guaranteed
  • computer development is certified according to ČSN EN ISO 9001
  • we listen to your wishes – in addition to the usual communication channels, we offer an information line free of charge

2. QUALITY: We pay maximum attention to the production of computers

  • computers go through a sophisticated production system
  • we use only branded and proven components from reputable manufacturers
  • the functionality of each part of the computer is checked and tested – all components, assembled parts and finished computers pass the test
  • computer production is certified according to ČSN EN ISO 9001
  • we work fast – warehouse assemblies within 24 hours, express PCs within 2 days and PCs from non-warehouse components within 4 to 6 days.

3. SERVICES: We provide services at the highest level

  • The basis of our service is the highest quality design and production of computers
  • we have a dense service network throughout Slovakia
  • we guarantee a high standard of warranty and post-warranty service – the service is provided by certified partners with many years of experience at a high professional and technological level
  • we offer you Comfor Servis Partner – a comprehensive and cost-effective service program for Comfor computers from installation to on-site service
  • Customer installation:
    • antivirus protection
    • internet connection
    • user training
    • data backup and recovery
    • HW upgrade
    • cleaning and maintenance
    • transportation
    • extension of the warranty period
    • guaranteed interventions – replacement of defective equipment within the specified period (24 or 12 hours)
    • investment protection – regular preventive inspections and control will ensure the permanent operation of your computer technology

Solving your requirements

Responsibility to the customer

Mgr. Jaromír Drozdek Production Manager

“Our production is maximally efficient and at the same time precise. This allows us to supply modern and reliable products at affordable prices. What’s more, complaints are a word we practically don’t use.” Ing. David Kadera Technical Director

“When developing our products, we focus primarily on maximum reliability. We achieve this with the quality of purchased components, thorough and demanding pre-production preparation and, of course, our own multi-level testing within production. A high level of education of our employees is a matter of course.”


Production is evaluated according to some key criteria: production productivity, the number of errors caused by production and discovered at the customer (in 2003, a complaint of 63 errors, ie 1.1 per mille), and according to the number of computers with exceeded production deadline (for the first 5 months 2004 was exceeded in 0.4%).

We produce more and more, ISO 9001

ISO 9001

As the first Czech PC manufacturer, AT Computers, a.s. in 1994 a quality certificate according to ISO 9003. In 1997 we obtained the highest level of this certification – ISO 9001. In 1998 we reaffirmed this certificate and renew it every year. Our credo is to supply computers of the highest quality comparable to the products of renowned world brands. In addition to computer assembly, AT Computers manufactures top industrial stations on a contractual basis for foreign customers. AT Computers benefits from long-term experience, the production ratio of education / manpower in the region, good logistics situation and advantageous geographical location near the borders with Poland and Slovakia.

We use the best available technology

We cooperate with the world’s leading manufacturers, which include, for example:

  • Western Digital – Quality and proven Western Digital hard drives are a guarantee that your data will always be fluid bearings and quiet operation.
  • SONY – Sony is the world’s leading company in many areas. You can always rely on optical drives, monitors, digital cameras and other products of this brand.
  • Intel – Based on a close professional partnership with this company, we always offer the latest, high-performance chipsets and processors of this renowned brand.
  • Kingstom Technology – A leading manufacturer of memory, cards and accessories with virtually zero failure. It places great emphasis on technical stability, product quality, reliability and compatibility.
  • ASUS – The largest motherboard manufacturer. In 2003, one in five computers sold in the world included an ASUS motherboard. In addition to MB, you will also find VGA cards, optical drives, laptops, PDAs, network elements, servers, etc.
  • Microsoft – We always offer up-to-date and fully equipped operating and office systems of this manufacturer in our computers. At a discounted price and in many language versions.
  • Logitech – One of the world’s largest manufacturers of pointing devices and multimedia hardware – mice, keyboards, trackballs, gamepads and also e.g. cameras and speakers.
  • Hyundai – Manufacturer of quality monitors with excellent technical parameters and excellent workmanship, modern design and simple operation at a reasonable price.

Sales growth

  • The stability, quality and constant development of the Comfor brand is also reflected in the comparison chart of the number of units sold.
  • The average year-on-year increase is 21%, which indicates the growing popularity of Comfor computers.
  • This trend is recorded for both SOHO and SMB customers.
  • We also expect approximately 20% year-on-year increases for the coming years due to the increase in the quality of the Comfor sales network and the ever-increasing demand from our regular customers, who are satisfied with our products and services for a long time.

More information at: COMFOR