We give our customers the opportunity to buy goods on credit without complicated processing. All formalities take place in the store where the customer buys the goods.

The equipment is simple

  1. Take your ID card and second ID (driver’s license, passport, birth certificate, gun license, health insurance card, or bank card).
  2. For a loan of more than EUR 1,000, have a receipt (preparation from the employer or a copy of the tax return, if the pensioner has such a pension assessment).
  3. Choose the goods and conclude a loan agreement directly in the store.
  4. The contract will be approved pending.

A customer who can apply for a loan

  • natural person older than 18 years
  • citizen of the Slovak Republic
  • a citizen of the Czech Republic who has a permanent / temporary residence and an address for the delivery of mail on the territory of the Slovak Republic
  • has a steady source of income that he can prove

Length and amount of credit

  • You can choose the repayment period from 6 to 48 months (for selected loans up to 72 months)
  • the loan amount ranges from € 100 to € 1,500 as standard (up to € 6,500 for selected loans)
  • only two documents are needed to buy goods up to € 1,000 in all stores
  • the possibility of any amount of deposit, but at least:
    • 0% of the selling price of goods in selected stores and for selected loans
    • 10% of the selling price of the goods up to 700 €
    • 20% of the selling price of goods over 700 €

What is needed to conclude a contract quickly

  • prove your identity with a valid ID card
  • second identity document (valid driver’s license, valid passport, birth certificate, valid gun license, valid policyholder card, payment card or Home Credit card or card of another installment company)
  • confirmation of the client’s income, issued by the employer on the Home Credit form (pensioner – pension assessment, self-employed person – tax return for the last tax period) – you do not need this document for a loan up to € 1,000

More information on the site: www.homecredit.sk